Is it possible to make money while playing online games?

Online gaming has gained remarkable popularity with millions of dollars involved in the global scene. In this fast-paced world, everyone is working hard to earn money to buy bread for the day. Do you know money can be earned through playing online games? It may gaming seem unbelievable to you, but it is possible. 

Well, there are a vast number of games available on the internet to claim some form of monetary gain. But it is difficult to choose the legit ones from the list. Are gaming you one of those who is confused about choosing an authentic gaming platform Skytech Gaming PC? If yes, then don’t worry! We are here to help you by providing the list of best games to earn money. 

The Wager81 is an online gaming platform where players can place a bet (wager) on various online games in real time. It was developed in 2008 by a team of gaming specialists.  To play, you have to log in to this. The process is simple. 

  • Enter the username
  • Enter the password 
  • Click on the Login button

Let’s delve into the list of the best online earning gaming applications:

To start an online gaming journey, you have to register on the website or app. On the other hand, some of the games require an initial registration fee. So, let’s get a basic overview of the following games:

  1. Dream 11

If you are a cricket lover then undoubtedly you have heard about Dream 11. Currently, this game is the biggest fantasy available online. To start you have to make gaming a team of 11 members. However, the team creation is done based on the teams that are playing games against each other. Then you will get award points based on your real-life performances. 


  • Multiple real-life competitions to enter from gaming a large pool of players
  • Large cash rewards are available in national and international tournaments.
  • Junglee Rummy

The Rummy is the most famous card game across the globe. Well, there are various types of Rummy games. But the basic rule that applies to all is collecting more points than the opposition team. Due to advancements in technology, it comes with some gaming min-blowing card games online. But still Junglee Rummy stands at the top position to earn money online. 


  • Multiple rummy variations are available
  • Play based on points and deals 
  • Easy to withdraw the earned money
  • Plenty of online tournaments available to join
  • Zupee

You’ve probably seen a lot of Zupee advertising online. Zupee, for those who are unfamiliar, is a mobile gaming platform that allows you to win Paytm cash gaming by playing games. The app was released in 2018, but it has only recently gained popularity. The game, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward. Every day, you’ll have to answer questions on various themes. After answering a certain amount of questions correctly, you will get Paytm cash, which you may spend as you like.

The platform contains nearly 500 subjects. So, whether you like movies, music, the news, or even politics, this knowledge can help you earn money with Zupee. The platform is well-known and trusted by players around the country, making it one of the greatest games for generating money online!


  • Players can play carrom, quizzes, and Ludo
  • There are quizzes come with over 500 topics 
  • Winners can withdraw rewards in the form of Paytm Cash. 
  • Qureka

The next online gaming app is Qureka which lets you check out multiple games. Due to its highest downloading number on the Play Store, it has become popular. This is primarily owing to the app’s high level of content. Qureka is constantly updating the new quizzes to play daily. Hourly quizzes are added to the program, which is routinely updated.

To earn coins, you have to answer the questions correctly. Additionally, you can exchange these coins on the app to get decent prizes worth up to INR 60,000. The quizzes are based on general knowledge, English literature, and cricket. While playing on this app, you can learn new things.


  • The winners can earn prizes up to INR 60,000
  • Thousands of quizzes available to join
  • A vast range of genres available

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, there are various gaming applications accessible in India that offer opportunities to earn money. Users can play numerous games and win real money or prizes. Using these programs allows you to augment your income while having fun. Nonetheless, it’s critical to recognize that these platforms come with inherent risks. So it is important to take the proper measures when participating in online gaming.

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