The best cartoon movie of my life: Finding Nemo cartoon characters with braces

Finding Nemo cartoon is a movie with a Nemo cartoon exceptional story and characters. Produced in 2003, the movie is about a cute character Nemo cartoon, a clownfish, and a wonderful event of his life. Well, I am sure that you have watched this movie if you Nemo has a passion for watching cartoon movies. If not then, let us tell you the incredible story of this movie and the details of the characters. 

I remember when I was watching this Nemo movie, I cried, laughed, and appreciated the people who worked Nemo cartoon to prepare this wonderful masterpiece. Moreover, I really like the names of the characters which are quite easy to pronounce and remember. Coral, Marlin, Nemo, Gill, Darla, etc. are the names of the wonderful characters in this movie. 

However, Darla is annoying but I believe cartoon with the passage of time, she might develop love and care Nemo cartoon for the animals. So, without waiting for any long, let’s know the story of the movie.

The story of “Finding Nemo”:

Clownfish Marlin and Nemo cartoon his wife are a loving couple that lives in an ocean. They are happy because they have so many eggs to hatch but their Nemo happiness is shortlived as they are attacked by a hungry barracuda. In the process, Marlin tries a lot to save his wife and eggs. But the hungry barracuda knocks him down. The Nemo attacker devoured Coral and her eggs except for the one egg. This egg got Nemo cartoon saved luckily. Now, you can imagine how protective Marlin is going to be for his one and only child. Six years later, Nemo goes to school for the first time. But being tired of the overprotectiveness of his father, he was accidentally caught by the scuba divers. 

Then, in an event of the series, Nemo is stuck in a fish tank with other aqua animals which is placed in the office of a dentist. The dentist is about to give these fishes to his niece Darla who is a careless Nemo cartoon girl and has killed previous fishes. Eventually, by using the experience of elders and the help of the loving and caring animals, Marlin Nemo cartoon and Nemo are united. 

Let’s know the characters of the movie (Nemo cartoon)


Coral is the mother of Nemo and she is loving and caring. As Coral lost her life at the start of the movie, I have no more information about Nemo her to tell.

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Marlin is the father of Nemo and is loving and caring but the tragedy that he faced made him over-protective. But with the passage of time, he Nemo cartoon becomes confident. 


Nemo, a clownfish, is a lovable character in the movie and the center of attraction. He has a zeal to explore the world but he doesn’t like the overprotectiveness of his father. Along with that, he is courageous as well and the best part about him Nemo cartoon is that he doesn’t lose confidence, no matter how hard the situation is. 

Dory, Bruce, Anchor, and Chum

Dory is blue tang fish and Bruce, Anchor, and Chum are the sharks. They play a very important role in the movie as they provide their help to Marlin in uniting with his child, Nemo.

Tank Gang

The tank gang led by Gill is the group of aqua animals that help Nemo escape the tank. Due to the intellectual skills of Gill and his gang, Nemo is able to set himself free from the tank. 


Darla is another character who is quite annoying. She cartoon has a notoriety for killing the previous fish in the fish tank of his Uncle who is a Nemo cartoon dentist. Let us tell you that she is one of the famous cartoon characters with braces over the web. 


So, Finding Nemo is about adventure, curiosity, help, and love. This is wonderful that like humans, animals can also experience Nemo cartoon the feeling of love and care.  We hope that the directors and producers can work on such movies to the greatest extent as we are sure that this can promote care for animals. For sure, the world needs to watch such movies and develop a passion for caring for the wonderful part of nature. 

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