How to Sell Gift Cards For PayPal Instantly in 2024?

The festive season has just gone by, leaving our drawers overflowing with gift cards which most of us aren’t going to use. Isn’t it? However, do you know that you can make money out of these gift cards by selling them online? 

You can redeem 90% of your gift card by selling it on gift cards websites like Giftcardbin, Gift Card Granny and more, allowing you to receive instant cash directly into your PayPal balance.

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If you’re curious about how to sell gift cards for instant payment, you’re in the right place. This article will take you through a detailed guide to how various websites function to provide a gift card-selling platform. 

How to sell gift cards for PayPal? 

Here is a list of a few websites that allow you to sell gift cards for PayPal instantly: 

  1. ClipKard 

If you want to sell gift cards on PayPal, you must try ClipKard. It requires you to physically mail in your gift cards to receive the payment. It provides you with upfront how much your gift card is worth. 

It accepts gift from various brands, including Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Disney Store, Domino’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Gap, Hollister, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s Starbucks, Subway, gift cards Victoria’s Secret, Walmart and more. 

After selling your gift cards, you can redeem them and receive payment via PayPal. However, the card value may see a downfall after selling.

  • Gift Card Granny 

Another place to receive instant cash for gift cards is Gift Card Granny where you can sell your gift to receive payment in your PayPal balance. 

Simply provide your gift card information and proceed with the transaction. Moreover, you can even sell your gift cards in person at one of their gift card exchange locations. 

Hence, you can sell cards instant payment cash app and PayPal balance both online and offline at Gift Card Granny. 

  • Card Kangaroo 

One of the most reliable websites to sell gift cards online instantly is Card Kangaroo. However, you have to go through a verification process, in which they verify your gift card physically. 

Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you need to send your gift cards to Card Kangaroo for which they provide a free shipping label. Hence, you can physically send the cards to the mailing address at no cost. 

  • Game Flip 

Through Game Flip, you can receive instant cash for gift cards PayPal by signing up on the platform and making an offer. It first caught the attention of customers for selling iTunes gift. 

Once you make the offer, you need to follow the instructions to sell gift cards instantly, but it charges a 2% fee for the transaction. 

  • BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld needs you to quote the gift cards you wish to sell, and if the deal is finalised, you need to mail the gift by using their free prepaid shipping label for the verification process. Once it’s done, you can sell gift cards online instantly PayPal. The instant cash will be transferred to your PayPal balance within three days. 

To Conclude 

This article discusses how to sell gift online electronically instantly PayPal to receive instant cash, using various websites. 

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